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The promotion of a Congolese renaissance is the locomotive to build the future of DRC.

The CRBC is a bridge through which the Congolese-American friendship will be readjusted based on our common history and global interests.

CRBC is a duly registered non-profit and lobby corporation in the US, dedicated to the restoration of the culture
of excellence in the DRC from its citizens to its national institutions. The focus of the CRBC mission is the
Re-building of a “New Congolese”, articulated along three main axes: Restoration of Congolese Human
Dignity, Education and Meritocracy. The advancement of Congolese citizenship in its holistic dimension is
intended to ameliorate the quality of our relationship with the American public and to consolidate a mutual
respect in our interactions. CRBC encourages Congolese to show proof of excellence in their areas of
competence, in the USA as well as in the DRC.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), right in the Heart of Africa is arguably one of the wealthiest countries in term of natural resources. However, the history of the Congo remains marked by incessant human right violations from the “Scramble for Africa” to present. The reasons of the Congolese tragedy are definitely endogenous and exogenous, and the current state of affair has to be reevaluated to avoid the drift towards chaos. Although the United States of America willingly tried to restore the relationship with the DRC, the lack of a mature Congolese think tank has once again derailed US foreign policy toward the Congolese tragedy these last decades.


Pick up any household electronic -- a phone, a remote, or a laptop -- and it could contain minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country where armed rebel groups connected with crimes of rape and murder profit from trade of these minerals.

•  Congo Basin: the world ‘s second largest tropical forest

•  Congo River: The world’s second largest river by volume discharge…

•  Rare and Strategic Minerals: Cobalt (70%), Copper (10%), Radium (100%),      Gold, Diamand, Silver, Zinc, Uranium, Coltan, etc…

•  Poorest country in the world (GDP/capita 2009-13)

Limitless water, from the world's second-largest river, the Congo, a benign climate and rich soil make it fertile, beneath the soil abundant deposits of copper, gold,diamonds, cobalt, uranium, coltan and oil are just some of the minerals that should make it one of the world's richest countries


Why Congolese independence will be celebrated in Nashville this year | Opinion

On Saturday, June 29, new Americans from the Democratic Republic of the Congo now residing in Tennessee will gather in the Global Mall to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the independence of their homeland from Belgian rule in 1960.

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