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Ecrivain, philologue et chercheur Kongolais 

This is an excellent work by Teddy Mfitu that will bring to light the intensity, the suffering of the people of Kongo and the problem  confronted by this rich mineral country that has  been endowed with every precious mineral you can imagine to exist. Besides, the enormous wealth of the Kongo, the envied of the the world, the country remain poorly developed and its wealth being looted by its neighbors while the populations has experienced the work attrocities. Kongo, the egregore of the world will show you the resilience of the Kongo people and its rich history that expand far beyond the arrival of the explorers in the African continent. We want you to read the book for yourself and come to know better the people of Kongo and the present suffering.

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French journalist

"Rwanda, la vérité sur l'operation turquoise"

For the past 25 years, we have been lied to declared Dr. Charles Onana.  


More than 6 millions congolese have died since the beginning of this conflict. The entire world has turned a blind eye in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by letting known killers operate with total impunity to destroy the fabric of the Congolese society and pillage the country of its natural resources. Starting by raping women and committing the worst of the atrocities against women,husbands, children both boys and girls and have not sparred one group in their quest for total control of the regions most endowed natural resources. Despite the bloodshed, the brutality and cries of the common people , neither the United Nations, the European Unions, the French, British nor the United States have done anything concrete to stop the bloodshed and arrest the perpetrators. Worst, the world continue to refuse to properly identify the Congolese tragedy as a genocide unto this day. 

( Pedro Ndombe )

To better your understanding of the genocide noone wants to speak about in DR Congo, we invite to watch this video.
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