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The War in the East of DRC continues to leave many orphaned children. Each year, Congo Renaissance Breath Corporation (CRBC), a nonprofit organization registered in the USA, assists orphanages in the DRC, Last Year, we supported ONG GALDI in Lubumbashi to give orphaned children a smile.

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helping the most vulnerable people in DR Congo which account for 23% of the population.


To introduce computer technology, Sciences, higher level mathematics, english language in primary and secondary school at College St. Pierre located in Kinzawu-Vuete, we propose to create an innovative educational special magnet schools that will combine a creative teaching environment using low level technology and a hands-on approach to challenge the youth of Kinzawu-Vuete in the Democratic Republic  of Congo.


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Executive Summary 

Despite the enormous mineral wealth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the  country is still unable to manage the continued increase in population of the youth. This entails building new  schools; regularly paying its teachers; providing a decent school environment; providing its schools  with books, maps, video, archives, computers, and laboratories, as well as upgrading its curriculum in both primary and secondary schools in order to meet the educational needs of the youth in the digital age.  Congo Renaissance Breath Corporation (CRBC) is seeking a grant in the amount of $289,000 to finance the construction of a new school to challenge the youth in the town of Kinzawu-Vuete. We wish to introduce  new methods of instruction, high caliber freely available online learning, a library  and a bilingual education that challenges the youth and introduces them to the digital world of learning to stimulate needed opportunities for intellectual growth and development for the  Congolese youth.

The population of the DRC has been increasing at a faster rate going from 13.5 million people in 1958 to an estimated 86.7 million people in 2019 (1). As the world continues its relentless advance in computer technology, sciences,  bio-medicine, mathematics, the youth in DRC are deprived of the opportunity to pursue their  education as the rate of children who are out and drop out of school continue to increase. 


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